“I’ve always been a shy soft spoken child, but through stories and storytelling I have found the key to unlock the ability to reach audiences of all ages through a triad of storytelling, singing, and drumming. I believe in the art of storytelling, and am committed to preserving stories from all cultures and walks of life. I realize that each time I have the opportunity to share a story or perform; I also have an opportunity to make changes, to mentor, to encourage, and to bring new life to different perspectives.  Children can learn to love to read and to use their imaginations. This helps the individual when developing and being the best that they can be.”



  Stories & Drums

o      Stories that infuse drumming and songs. Stories for all ages.

▪         Turtles Drum

▪         -The Determined Frog

▪         -Grandmother Spider Brings the Light- plus more…

Personal Stories

▪         The Haunted House (When I lived in a funeral home.)

▪         My grandmother- Plus More!

Aesop Fables

o       Short tales which illustrate truths about life and human nature. This may include some drumming also.  Ages from Pre- K through 5.


▪         The City and the Country Mouse

▪         The Turtle and the Birds

▪         The Man, Boy and the Donkey- plus more…


Women’s History

o       Stories about women that inspire, entertain, and educate. Can also be done in 1st person.


▪         Mary McLeod Bethune

▪         Martha Jane Chisley Talton

▪         Sojourner Truth


Folktales from Everywhere!

o       Tales from all around the world.  For all ages!!


▪         The Blessed Goat

▪         Three Eyes

▪         The Blind Man and the Hunter – Plus More!


Character Building Stories

o       Stories that exemplifies morals and standards. Teaching lessons of respect, responsibility, self-esteem, cooperation, and honesty.


▪         The Builder

▪         The Mistaken Chicken

▪         Master Man

  • The Honest Boy – 

                                    …Plus More!