Master Storyteller
Angela J. Williams

Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

My Passion

I am preserving the tradition of African-American and African storytelling.   The significance of stories and storytelling in African-American culture and the importance of stories for learning and cultivating shared understanding is endless. Storytelling is a shared experience not only by families and communities as stories are passed down through generations but also for the listener and the person telling the tale. Storytelling is not just for entertainment but also for education. Children and adults have a tendency to listen to things presented in story form and to retain the information more if told by stories. 

What I Do

I believe stories can make the world a better place for everybody including me.

I tell stories.

I have received different reactions from various people-youth and elders. Some people have thought better of themselves after hearing my stories. Others have changed their minds and found themselves to be better than they once believed. 

I teach.

I believe that  my teaching through storytelling can enhance the curriculum.  People are able to rise above  their present level  of perception.  As I teach, I also learn. 

I inspire.

I inspire to help people see hope, strength, and a brighter tomorrow. I believe in this diverse world that we can find many commonalities that are positive. Most of all, we are all human beings that must be treated kindly.